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Grassroots Programs

Grassroots is the unified efforts and voices of the nation’s electric co-op supporters. It has proven to be the foundation of the industry’s success in serving electric co-ops, their owners, and their communities since the 1930”s when electric co-ops originated.

Electric cooperatives have cultivated a reputation on Capitol Hill as a ”grassroots” organization. Legislators know that electric co-op member-owners actively get involved by writing, calling and e-mailing their legislators to have their voice heard in the political process.

LaGrange County REMC is one of 700 Touchstone Energy cooperatives in the nation that delivers energy and energy solutions to their member owners. As a member of LaGrange County REMC you are a part of a network of more than 40 million co-op members nationwide. Forty million grassroots advocates speaking with the same voice does make a difference on Capitol Hill!

To make your voice heard, join the Our Energy, Our Future grassroots awareness campaign at Let Congress know how important it is to keep climate change legislation fair, affordable and technologically achievable.

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