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Trimming and Line Safety

Never attempt to trim or remove limbs on or around the power lines. Please leave that task to your LaGrange County REMC, phone: 877.463.7165.

Trees that could reach a power line should never be felled by a land owner. If a tree falls into a power line, stop at once! Stay clear and call LaGrange County REMC.

Treat all power lines as energized. Never climb or attempt to fell a tree that has a limb caught in a power line. You may not see any visible evidence that this tree is electrified or dangerous. Beware of this hidden hazard.

Maintain the required clearances between any equipment and power lines. If equipment comes into contact with a power line, stop at once! Instruct the operator to stay on the equipment until help arrives. Keep others away.

If a fire starts from an electrical contact or a downed power line, contain the fire if possible, but keep all firefighting equipment and people away from the downed line. Do not use water near the downed line. Call 911 and LaGrange County REMC immediately. Stay clear of the line and treat it as energized.

In an emergency, call 911 or LaGrange County REMC, 877.463.7165.

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